Rank: Xia Shi (Junior Sergeant – Corporal)
Unit: Gōng Zhǔ, PLA Special Forces
Gōng Zhǔ Type: D
Armor Role: Main Battle Tank Driver
Special Role: Scout, Intelligence
Blood Type: B NEG
Hometown: 最高机密

Meiyu identifies as a D-Type Gōng Zhǔ and is the driver of a Chinese Type 99A2 main battle tank. Although exceptionally skilled at her job, she is bored easily and has become relatively disinterested in the war. She looks at combat the way many look at part-time jobs while in high school. She anxiously awaits for it to end so she can move onto other things, although it’s not clear what her future goals are. Meiyu is also somewhat obsessed with her appearance. She is extremely proud of her body image and will happily seek attention from nearly anyone who will look.