Mid-November Update

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Hey, fans!

Just thought I’d shoot a quick status update about what’s currently happening with Column.

We have are on the verge of making a major decision about printing and availability for the physical version of Column. As of this moment, the digital version should be around by (hopefully) the end of December this year!

October was somewhat successful for us. As many of you have notices, we’ve become far more active on social media and are doing what we can to expand our fan base. To everyone who re-tweeted and/or shared our posts, a hearty THANK YOU!

We tweeted a special poster at the end of October for Halloween. Our artist, Ben Harvey and our colorist, E, did a fantastic job of putting it together. If anyone missed the “theme”, we had the girls in costumes of other characters their VA has voiced, this time focusing on Funimation shows.

The breakdown:

Lexi (voiced by Alexis Tipton) was dressed as Honey from Space Dandy.
Cara (voiced by Cherami Leigh) was dressed as Patty Thompson from Soul Eater
Milly (voiced by Luci Christian) was dressed as Koyuki from SGT Frog.
Hunter (voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard) was dressed as (inner) Moka from Rosario x Vampire.

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