Colleen Clinkenbeard is a highly talented Dallas area based actor, director and producer. She (and her agency) was kind enough to get back to us quickly when we were looking to cast someone as the voice of Hunter. We had fallen in-love with many of Colleen’s spectacular vocal performances over the years and modeled some of Lt. Hunter’s calm, smooth and confident nature off of a few of Colleen’s more mature characters. Needless to say, we are absolutely thrilled that she is working with us!

“When thinking about how lines would read, the voice in my head I heard for Hunter was, more often than not, that of Mrs. Clinkenbeard’s.” – Tim Morris, Column Lead Writer


Luci Christian is a Houston based actress who has starred in a countless number of animated TV shows (the best kind of shows to star in) across the last, over 2 decades of her acting career. Luci has always been one of our favorite actresses ever since her appearance in an episode of Walker Texas Ranger in 2000. OK, so that’s a lie. We actually were first introduced to her early on as Kaname from Full Metal Panic!. To this day it remains one of our favorite and most influential shows/franchises we’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Needless to say we are absolutely THRILLED to be working with Luci!

Luci is one of those actresses who seems to be able to find a perfect voice for any character asked of her and it was no different with for Column. We got some absolutely fantastic auditions for the role of Milly during the audition process but after much deliberation, Luci’s ended up sticking with us. This may have been bias on our part, but our particular affection for her character “Rico” from Gunslinger Girl (2007, Funimation) may be what drove us to cast her as the rather sad, subdued SPC McMillian. In some ways, Milly was a bit of a Rico 2.0, only grown up and without the innocence. Luci’s voice encompassed everything we were looking for in Milly’s character and we are so thankful that we were able to cast her!


Cherami Leigh is one of the kindest, friendliest and sweetest people you will ever meet. She’s also a wicked talented actress who now resides in the LA area appearing in movies and lending her voice to video games and animation from across nearly all genres. Cheremi is another actress we’ve been long-time fans of since her appearance in an episode of Walker Texas Ranger in 1999. OK, that’s another lie but really, did you see that episode? Chuck Norris shot down a helicopter with a handgun! A HANDGUN! That’s 10 years before Jack Bauer did it. Anyway, back to the lovely and talented Cherami Leigh…

We can actually thank Cherami for the quality of Column’s voice cast because she was the first Texas voice actor we reached out to and her fast response and enthusiasm lead us to pursue the other high quality talent we at first thought would be out of reach for an upstart IP. Her auditions were of spectacular quality and casting her was an absolute no-brainer. Not unlike much of the talent here, Cherami is a total chameleon when it comes to creating character voices. Based on our artwork and descriptions, she connected with the characters and absolutely slammed it out of the park when creating voices for them. This was absolutely exciting to hear because many of Cherami’s past anime performances heavily influenced the development of Cara (think Natsu from SGT Frog), Lexi (think Yoshika from Strike Witches) and Milly (think Primula from Shuffle!). Hers were the first auditions returned to us and upon hearing our characters come to life, we gained more confidence that this crazy project of ours was actually going to work.

In the end, we cast Cherami as the high-strung CPL Cara Adams. Cara’s angry, pessimistic and easily agitated, the exact opposite of Cherami in real life. Although, Cara is also passionate, hardworking and talentet. This, you’ll find, Cherami aligns with perfectly.


Alexis Tipton is a young Dallas based actor and director who can primarily be seen/heard lending some of her many talents to Funimation Entertainment (Flower Mound Texas). Not unlike Cherami, Alexis was one of the first VAs to be brought onboard to our project towards the early stages and her talent and support has been invaluable.
We first heard Alexis in one of her earliest Funimation roles, “My Bride is a Mermaid” and we grew attached to her comedic deliveries and seemingly natural charm. Playing ‘6 Degrees of ANN’ we eventually came across her starring role in Sekirei (2010, Funimation) and what we thought would be a “goofy” show outside our normal tastes quickly turned into one of our favorites. Alexis’ deliveries as the upbeat and good natured Musubi were much of what inspired Column’s PVT Lexi Winters and we even went as far as to quasi-name Lexi after the actress who brought her to such memorable life. Little did we know that in short order we would actually be working with the incredible Alexis Tipton herself!

If you’re not familiar with Alexis’ work, we implore you to follow the links under her image above and take the time to enjoy a show she takes a leading role in. Although, you might not want to start with Blood-C (2013, Funimation) because, good God that’s an intense one. On second thought, yeah, go ahead and start with Blood-C, it’s friggin’ spectacular (but don’t say we didn’t warn you).


Joel McDonald is another Dallas based actor, director and writer we had the pleasure of working with. Not only did Joel act for us as the voice of CDT Hatch, he also directed the Dallas area voice work from his personal studio. Needless to say, without Joel we would have had a hell of a time coordinating getting the actors both recorded and properly directed in such short order.

As for casting Joel as Hatch, we had always loved the way Joel’s characters would sometimes get paired off with Ian Sinclair’s characters and they’d seem to bounce off of each other like the show had practically been written for them. (This was before the legendary Space Dandy which I think sets the point in stone.) With the inspiration for Jack and Hatch (who briefly was concepted as a single character) being drawn from Ian/Joel, Shawn/Gus (of Psych fame) and various buddy-cop movies, it was an easy choice having Joel take the role of the timid and weighed CDT John Hatch. We plan to have Hatch drastically evolve over time (spoiler alert, although, not really) and we know someone as talented as Joel will have no problem evolving the role as we continue the story along.


Austin Tindle is another of our talented, Texas based actors and to make things confusing, he’s in the Dallas area. A few years ago when Column first started, the only thing we had heard Austin star in was “Is This a Zombie?” (2012, Funimation) but that was enough for us to know that we wanted an audition from him if possible. Since then, Austin has been in a number of plays and animations taking many starring roles. Jump onto his ANN page and see for yourself how fast this talented guy is racking up the credits, just one of the reasons we’re always looking forward to new shows he’ll be appearing in.

As for casting Austin in the role of Jack. Well, we took one listen and just knew that he was the guy. He’s funny, energetic and all around brings a smile to your face while nailing the character like he’s the one who created him. We are extremely happy to be working with him and can’t wait to have more content for him to voice in (hopefully) the near future.


Jessica Calvello is a spicy Texas based actress who we’ve gotten to know very well over the last few years. We first heard Jessica at the beginning of our introduction to anime with a crazy show called Excel Saga. If you’re not familiar with Excel Saga and its wild protagonist “Excel Excel”, well… Jessica takes speed, pitch and energy to a whole other level with her incredible, throat breaking performance.

We were lucky enough to find her on Twitter early on in our casting process and we were thrilled when she agreed to audition for us. Originally, we thought that we’d likely end up casting Jessica as either Lexi or Meifeng, the two highest energy characters we had, but her Meixue audition was so spot on, we simply had to give her the role. Either way, we had one of our favorite VAs on-board and she was an absolute joy to work with.

Since then, we’ve worked on various little projects with Jessica and even ended up producing her awesome demo reel (which you can find at We are extremely grateful to have her as not just a client, but a close friend. From Hange in Attack on Titan to more obscure titles like Princess Minerva, we’re always excited to hear Jessica’s voice coming out of our TV’s speakers!


Kate is a talented actress, beautiful model and dedicated Army wife currently in New York City. We were familiar with much of her work with FUNimation and reached out to see if she would be interested in auditioning for us. She loved the project idea and quickly got back to us with a demo recording. Although she often gets cast as sickeningly sweet or adorable characters (Seriously, have you heard Sayo from Negima?), her sassy take on the vanity prone Meiyu captured all of the attitude, sexiness and humor we could have ever hoped for.

Kate was an absolute blast to work with and she tells us that she enjoyed the iced coffee you can hear Meiyu sucking down in her weblog. Also, Kate and Carrie were able to record together at the same time in the same booth for their character’s scenes together which was probably the most fun part of the entire recording process. Don’t worry, the smashing of objects and hitting noises were added in later, no VAs were harmed at any point during the recording of Column’s audio portion. Instead, Tim and Mike recorded all the impact audio in Mike’s basement. We can assure you that neither of us looked anywhere as near as good as Kate or Carrie while standing in for their characters.


Carrie is a talented actress who is also currently residing in New York City where we met for the first time very early on in the project’s development. After hitting it off as friends at NYCC, Carrie helped us along with the audition process by condensing down our process and helping us streamline the whole thing to make it easier for VAs who were interested in participating. Her invaluable help was also accompanied by a few auditions of her own, all of which we positively loved!

One of the character’s that stood out to us was Carrie’s take on Meifeng, which actually sorta reminded us of Rachel from Soul Eater, but with a psychotic twist. Cute, crazy, funny, it just all lined up right and we were happy to cast her.  The recording process was a lot of fun for the Chinese characters and it was Tim’s first time professionally directing. Carrie very much contributed to that and we couldn’t have been happier with how the whole thing went.

In-case you were wondering after hearing her work in Anime and cartoons if her voice is really that adorable in real life, we can assure you that it is. Talking on the phone with Carrie is enough to cause your knees to buckle and talking with her in person makes you wonder if adorableness can be weaponized or used as a source of free energy.



Well, we needed a narrator and John just seemed like the perfect guy.

We do love his narration voice but we figured we’d use this space to talk briefly about some of our favorite acting roles he’s starred in. In My Bride is a Mermaid, John plays Sun Seto’s high-strung, Yakuza boss father, Gouzaburou and has managed to elevate being pissed off to a refined artform. To this day, My Bride is a Mermaid remains one of our favorite shows in no small part due to John’s performance.

If you wanna hear a bad guy by John, we recommend Gates from Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid. Without spoiling anything, John takes high-energy crazy to it’s absolute maximum delivering both a chilling and comically dark performance. We had mentioned FMP in Luci’s profile up above and yes, we recommend you check it out ASAP if you haven’t already.

Since his ADV days, John Swasey has always been one of our favorite VAs. You can even catch him in a live-action role in Super Milk-Chan if you can manage to track down a copy of the American release. We’re pretty sure he’s played opposite of every other actor on this page at some point. Check out his ANN page if you get a chance, he really does have quite the impressive resume.