Our goal is to tell stories.

The main inspirations for Raw Blink Productions were born out of its creators’ unlikely combined love of history, music, comedy, anime, the military, video games and ’80s action movies. Telling good stories with solid action, relatable characters, fun comedy and an imaginative setting will not be an easy task, but RBP’s gonna take its best shot.



Tim is a writer and history buff who is serving as Raw Blink Production’s primary writer and editor.



Raw Blink Productions Audio Director

Mike is a composer and editor who composes all of the music for RBP. He also serves as chief editor of both the audio and writing components of main projects.



Raw Blink Productions Lead Artist

Ben is a professional Illustrator/ Sequential Artist residing in Philadelphia, PA. He found an attraction to art at an early age through cartoons and videogames then later on, in comic books and anime. Attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia exposed him to the world of digital art which he takes advantage of in almost all of his work. Style-wise he can be described as “Heavily Manga Influenced” to “Comic booky with hints of Manga”. He has created work and assisted on projects for such publishers as Tokyopop, Radical Comics, Beach Studios, Image Comics, and IDW as well as online publications like

Check out more of Ben’s work, here:





“Into every generation there is born an artist. A being of such amazing talent and skill, that the world is forever changed by the power of his work. He alone stands against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness.
Thom Zahler is not that artist.
He is, however, an extremely hardworking artist, doing what he can with what talent and skill he has. He attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, where he honed his skills and developed strong feelings about the state of New Jersey. Immediately returning to his home state of Ohio upon graduation, he worked as a caricaturist at an amusement park, then later as an advertising artist at a great suburban newspaper, and finally as an art director at an area advertising agency.
Believing that every great success story starts with the phrase “it was a terrible time to start a business,” he quit his day job working for “The Man” in November of 2001 to devote himself full-time to the burgeoning Thom Zahler Art Studios empire.
His artwork has been seen in the nationwide Prilosec advertising campaign, in countless magazines and newspapers all across the country, and in the pages of numerous comic books. He has won awards for both his graphic design and illustration work. A relentless glory hound, he is also a recurring presence on Cleveland broadcast media, both television and radio. He recently made the jump to the national spotlight as a contestant on the syndicated version of “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?” where he won $32,000. He could have gone farther, but he didn’t know who the hell Charles Goren was.
He is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. He is the creator, writer and artist of Love and Capes, the heroically super situation comedy, and Long Distance, a romantic comedy about a couple in a long distance relationship. Along the way, he’s also written an episode of Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors and several issues of My Little Pony.”
He lives at his palatial estate, Zahlerdu, in Northeast Ohio. Okay, he doesn’t really call it “Zahlerdu” but if he did, it’d be because he liked Orson Wells’ “Citizen Kane” and not that Olivia Newton John disco-and-roller skating movie. It’s not really a palatial estate, either, but it is a nice place.



Layout Pointman

Matt does a great job in assisting our lead artists and keeping things on track by creating layouts to work off of.