Rank: Shang Shi (Senior Sergeant – Staff Sergeant)
Unit: Gōng Zhǔ, PLA Special Forces
Gōng Zhǔ Type: C
Armor Role: Main Battle Tank Commander
Special Role: Assault, Interrogations
Blood Type: AB NEG
Hometown: 最高机密

Meixue identifies as a C-Type Gōng Zhǔ and is the commander of a Chinese Type 99A2 main battle tank. She is a demanding leader and has very little patience for the antics of her crew. Despite often being mocked by those directly under her command, her record in battle is one of cunning violence of action, resulting in many great victories. Meixue has been trained extremely well, and does a poor job of hiding the fact that she longs to be recognized for her many wartime accomplishments.