Rank: Shang Deng Bing (Senior Private – Private First Class)
Unit: Gōng Zhǔ, PLA Special Forces
Gōng Zhǔ Type: G
Armor Role: Main Battle Tank Gunner
Special Role: Demolitions, Close Combat
Blood Type: A NEG
Hometown: 最高机密

Meifeng identifies as a G-Type Gōng Zhǔ and is the main gun operator of a Chinese Type 99A2 main battle tank. Less mature than her fellow crew members, Meifeng is very childish in nature and behavior, relying on both the C-Type and D-Type Gōng Zhǔ she is assigned to work with for guidance. Despite this, she is one of the most highly trained and exceptionally skilled members of the Chinese Military. As a gunner, she has found modern electronic assisted aiming to be very similar to the video games she enjoys playing in her spare time. Meifeng has a cutesy appearance and way of talking; this is only escalated when her adrenaline gets pumping from close combat, making it sometimes very difficult for her to calm down. For this reason, she is occasionally treated like an attack dog, which she surprisingly does not mind as long as she gets to spill blood.